Thank You For Your Interest In The BEST Gifting Experience in a BAG!

Bag of Joy does not just stop at Christmas or Valentines... ooohh no.

If you can celebrate it, we wish to bring Joy! Making any holiday memorable, any occasion magical and taking you on a journey, gifting happy experiences in a perfectly packaged parcel.

What are the benefits of a Bag of Joy?

- Authentic Gifting Solution
- Eco- Friendly and Re-usable
- Gifting custom designed for your brand and company
- Social impact initiative for each gift
- One-Of-A-Kind free graphic designed packaging, cards, labels and tags.
- Not Another Bulky Box filled with unoriginal, uninspired gifting
- Value for Money


Gifting In Any Shape Or Form All Wrapped, Bagged and Delivered For Your Ease.

From Baby Showers to Celebrations, We've Got An Awesome "Easy Gifting" Range Launching This Month...

Corporate Gifting, Personalized Stationary, Fun and Funky Packs for the Team, Clients or Events.

Corporate Gifting


About Us

About Kate

Serial entrepreneur for over 16 years Kate Shepherd was born in England and has married and settled down in Cape Town. Utilising Kate’s vast unique experiential hospitality and design background she has big plans to give our South African market the same magic as what she knew in eventing life. The experienced businesswoman tells us how it all began:

"Creating experiences is what we do, some create it, some entertain, but mostly its about making people feel special, needed and included. this is NO different in the gifting world".

About Elana

Elana Afrika-Bredenkamp is one of the most recognised media personalities in South Africa. The highly influential ‘mom-trepreneur’ is a popular radio broadcaster, television presenter, actress, online content producer and businesswoman.All of Elana’s platforms, online or not, are run to emit positivity and motivation. Just as she believes that social media is something that must be used for good, she prioritises a feel-good approach which not only considers, but actively nurtures topics pertaining to mental health and overall well-being.

Previous Editions

Kiddies Christmas Bag

Valentines Edition

Corporate Gifts