Spreading Joy - One Bag at a Time

About Kate

Serial entrepreneur for over 15 years Kate Shepherd was born in England and has married and settled down in Cape Town. Utilising Kate’s vast experiential hospitality and design background she has big plans to give our South African Christmas the same festive magic as what she grew up with in England, the experienced businesswoman tells us how it all began:

“We are all just too busy, too tired and burned out after this dreadful year to even wrap our heads around holiday time. So in discussion with Elana, we brainstormed what we’d love to have to make it magical for our kiddies – because they have had a rubbish year too! We chatted about what help we needed to put some joy back into 2020 as we end the year, and that’s how the Christmas Bag of Joy was born.”

About Elana

Elana Afrika-Bredenkamp is one of the most recognised media personalities in South Africa. The highly influential ‘mom-trepreneur’ is a popular radio broadcaster, television presenter, actress, online content producer and businesswoman.

All of Elana’s platforms, online or not, are run to emit positivity and motivation. Just as she believes that social media is something that must be used for good, she prioritises a feel-good approach which not only considers, but actively nurtures topics pertaining to mental health and overall well-being.

"It is time to be joyful.  People all around the world has had a shift to their 'New Average' and lockdown in SA has motivated me to spread Joy and Love and the spirit of giving in my home and through a Bag of Joy."